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Conference · Invitation Message · Conference Venue · Committees · Topics · Organization · Conference Awards · Contact   Prof. KyungSeop Han, Chair of AFORE2013 It is my great pleasure to invite you to the 3rd Asia-Pacific Forum on Renewable Energy (AFORE2013), which is to be held from November 4th through 7th, 2013 in Jeju Island, Korea.

Through the past two AFORE forums (AFORE2011 and AFORE2012), I believe that we have strengthened the cooperative networks between the countries in Asia-Pacific region, facilitated exchanges of information and personnel, played the role in the advancement of renewable energy technology and expansion of its deployment, contributed to reliable energy supply, realization of low-carbon society, sustainable economic growth, and betterment of human life.

There is no need to explain why to work hard for the renewable energy. Recently Korean Government announced the National Agenda aiming at the Low Carbon & Green Growth and Creative Economy and will increase the renewable energy contribution up to 11% by 2030. Korea is rapidly becoming the attractive renewable energy market as well as the advanced technology source. However, developing the renewable energy technology and creating the market require the harmonized efforts among nations toward the sustainable world, especially neighboring countries in Asia-Pacific region.

I strongly believe that AFORE2013 will make the optimum environment for the exciting communications of the new ideas and knowledge on renewable energy.

Your participation will make AFORE2013 more special and I expect to see you all in the beautiful Jeju Island.

Prof. KyungSeop Han, Chair of AFORE2013

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